Friday, March 2, 2018

Soil is Stupendous!

Original Post from 4/9/2014

I am finally ready to admit is is Spring. Here come the daffodils and the leaky basements!

As we start turning an eye to our forgotten flowerbeds and recovering lawns, I would ask that this year you take a slightly deeper the soil! Many of us think any bag of fertilizer bought at our local hardware or home improvement store is all we need to turn our grass and flowers into beautiful green creations. While that bag might work sometimes, it is not always the best answer. 

So what is a slightly green thumb supposed to do? Test your soil! The district sells soil fertility test kits for $5 (Hamilton County residents) which you can send off and get fertilizer recommendations for your specific soil. No more one size fits all bag. Think of it as the perfect diet for your soil, plants and all those wonderful things that live in your soil.

Speaking of wonderful things living in your soil, when was the last time you gave a thought to microorganisms in your soil? You can admit it, its probably been a while. Check out this cool video by USDA and NRCS on soil microbes and their connection to soil health. 

Interested in learning more about soil and how to teach it to you 6th graders? Come to our Dig Deeper Soils Workshop, focusing on the Earth & Space Science Content Standards for 6th grade! Thursday, June 12; 9:00a - 3:30p at Scarlet Oaks (Sharonville area). Click here for more info. 

Or maybe you want to try your hand at worm farming. Come to our Worm Bin Workshop and leave with all the worms and supplies you need to start composting inside! Saturday, May 17; 9:30a - 11:30a at the District Office (Tri-County area). Click here for more info.

Happy Spring everyone. Please take time to enjoy it, before you know it we'll be talking about back to ... I can't even think it yet!

Happy Digging, gwen

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