Friday, March 2, 2018

Helloooooo, summer!

Original Post from 5/30/2014

Good day, friends!  It's the bittersweet end of the school year; the moment when teachers say good-bye to the students that they have grown to love, parents see their children wrap up a childhood milestone and graduate to the next level of education, and the students...well who am I
kidding, students can't wait!   After all, it is                                     Summer break!!               The days of ice cream cones, sprinklers, food picked straight from the backyard garden and cannonball splashes in the nearest pool!! Let's face it, we are all  just a wee bit excited. 

We all know that our water usage skyrockets in the summer, and being a conservation district and all,  I want to share some reminders of conservation in your backyard that will save both water AND money for you this year.  If you want even more water conservation tips, click on the "pitcher" (double duty word!) below to visit the Water, Use it Wisely website.

Ten Easy Summer Water
Conservation Tips

1. A  hose can let out up to 10 gallons of water a minute!! Use a broom instead of the hose to clean off       driveways and sidewalks, and never just leave it running in the grass.
2. Sprinklers are awesome fun for kids, but can make you feel a little wasteful.  To make your                    sprinkler work, put it in an area that needs to be watered anyways!  Put a bucket in a spot to the side and catch some of the water to use for houseplants, or use the sprinkler to give your furry friend a bath (*swimsuit may be required for this activity!) while the kids play.
3.  Have a pool?  Using a cover keeps it cleaner (less chemicals needed!) and reduces evaporation.
4.  Two words: Rain Barrel.
5.  If you are planning to put a walkway around the home use pavers or gravel - anything that lets the water drain into the ground instead of running over surfaces to pick up pollutants.
6. Use 2-4 inches of mulch around plants to reduce evaporation.
7. Plant native while you're at it!
8. Throw your garden veggies in a bowl to rinse instead of running water; leftover water can be used for houseplants.
9. If you are using fertilizers, read directions to apply the correct amount! What the ground can't use  goes into local waterways.  That's no good.
10. Gardener?  Learn about Xeriscaping, water-wise landscaping. 

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