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Contests, Freebie and Festivals, oh my!

Original Post from 3/17/2014

Breathe it in!!! 

Well, this has sure seemed like a long and tough wait, hasn't it?  After a grueling winter, we are finally starting to see the light of Spring! The days are are a bit longer, we have weather forecasts that don't include the phrase "negative windchill" and in the case of my house the thaw has uncovered plenty of "presents" left by my doggies, Baxter and Barkley.   Of course we all know how important it is for me and all the other dog owners to get the scoopers out so those "presents" don't become a problem in local waters, but I think I am going to need a pretty sizable garbage can.

So in a nutshell, we are ready.  Ready for Spring. Ready to plant. Ready to get out there and enjoy the weather at some festivals.  The mood in Hamilton County tells me that you all are ready too!  So let us help you get the kids in your life (and you!) excited and involved!  Let us give all of you teachers  grant money for conservation in your classroom, information on how to get free milkweed to attract Monarchs to the garden  at your schools and volunteer opportunities for your scout groups!  We also are giving away two free gardening baskets if you help us plan for the future by taking a short survey.  Read on to learn more! 

  • Win a gardening basket!! 

    Take a short survey to help us better serve you in the future and you could win a gardening basket to get you started this spring!  Drawing will be held on Earth Day, April 22nd.  Click here to learn morn and                                                                               participate!

  • Planting for Wildlife

    If your school (or nonprofit) is thinking about a garden, then plant for wildlife while you're at it!  Monarchs are losing vital habitat that they need to get them through one of the most long and amazing migrations in nature, and as a response is giving away free flats of 32 milkweed plugs as well as guidance on how to create a new habitat or enhance an existing garden.   Click here to see how you can apply for your free kit!
    If you need more financial help with an outside garden, learning lab or anything else             
    conservation-related at your school, apply for the $250 teacher grants given by the District. 

While we are on the Gardening for wildlife topic, make sure to pick up Doug Tallamy's book Bringing Nature Home.  Tallamy is  engaging writer with a common-sense point that many are missing:  When we landscape our yard, why not do it so that we can be in cahoots with the natural world around us?  Planting solely for ornamental purposes, with flowers from around the world encourage  issues such as species decline and invasive species (booooo).  So take your little corner of the planet and join the movement!

Are you interested in a vermicomposting (worm composting) bin for your classroom or home?

Join us on
           Saturday May 17,9:30-11:30             

for the
"Make and Take Worm Bin Class".  For $20 Hamilton County residents can learn all about composting and walk out the door with their own bin.

Check out our flyer for more details.
Hope to see you there!

Volunteer Opportunity for your Scout Group!
Want to get those scouts outdoors to shake off that cabin fever? 
Volunteer for the reforestation efforts at Miami Whitewater Forest and help Taking Root's effort to plant 2 million trees by 2020.  A planting demo, lunch and drinks will be provided.  14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

The event happens on Saturday April 12, 9am-4pm. Advance registration and a Great Parks volunteer waiver required.  E
Enjoy that sunshine!  Niki Marengo, Education Assistant

To find out more or sign up click here.

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