Friday, March 2, 2018

Let's Do This, 2014!

Original Post from 1/9/2014

Welcome back from the inner reaches of the Polar Vortex!
We hope that you all enjoyed the ice, snow,  sledding, snowmen and time off of work.  I personally learned a fun science experiment that you can do at home in frigid temps: boil water and throw it outside. Bam! Snow.   I also learned through our District Facebook page that you can go outside and blow bubbles with the kids when it's this cold and watch them freeze in the air (the bubbles, not the kids).  Add food coloring for extra pizzazz.  

Since schools were out and we had a bit more time in the office, we decided to put our plastic bottlecaps to use and make some art to illustrate the beauty of upcycling.  We've been wanting to make something for a while.  Check out our mural: 
Yay!  Although we ran out of blue, we love it and are working to make it a completed work of art.  There are so many great ideas on Pinterest regarding ways to use bottlecaps; everything from garden sculptures and murals to lamps and curtains.  You would be so impressed with yourself if you finished one on your own, so give it a go!

Lastly, Gwen and I are super excited for all of the things that we have coming up on the calendar. I just bet there might be some opportunities that YOU would be interested in! 
Please call or email with any questions.
Some upcoming events include:
  • Caring for Our Watersheds contest (HS Students).  March 21 is the deadline for entries, so get the ideas churning!
  • Area IV Envirothon (HS outdoor competition).  Get your team registered to compete by February 12th. 
  • Our Combined Growing up WILD/Project Learning Tree Workshop for Early Elementary Educators on Feb. 22nd.
  • Picking our contest winners for our annual poster/essay contest for all ages.  This years theme: "Dig Deeper, Mysteries in the Soil" 
  • Getting back into the classrooms! If you are a teacher and have not booked with us yet, we have some 6-8 dates open in February, April and May.  Email us or go to our online calendar to book.  

We hope to work with you in 2014 to spread the message  of conservation!  
Happy New Year!

Niki Marengo, Education Assistant

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