Friday, March 2, 2018

Red Fish, Blue Fish, Green Fish, Striped and Polka-Dotted Fish?!

Original Post from 7/15/2013

Yep, these  summer campers at LeBlonde Rec Center blew me out of the water (!) with their creatively designed swimmers.  The clever crew fashioned their fish after learning about adaptations that really do exist in nature.  We talked about skinny fish, patterned fish, fish with big mouths and fish with long skinny mouths and sharp teeth.  We even talked about adaptations on land with creatures like the Great Horned Owl (which one of my youngest new friends easily identified. Woo hoo!).   I had a great time and the kiddos and staff were awesome to work with.   Thanks for having us out for our Fashion a Fish activity LeBlonde!  

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