Friday, March 2, 2018

Poster and Essay Winners

Original Post from 5/20/2013

Congratulations to Symmes Elementary 3rd grade students, Naomi Wischer (right) and Megan Radakovich (left)

Every year the District sponsors a Poster and Essay contest based on the National Association of Conservation District's theme. This year the theme was "Where Does Your Water Shed?"

Naomi's poster was chosen the best poster in the 3rd-5th grade category from hundreds of entries. We certainly had a very hard time voting this year, but we chose Naomi's poster not only because it was well drawn, but because it has such wonderful ideas depicted. She suggested using low phosphorus laundry detergent, not flushing chemicals or old medication down the toilet and not throwing trash into rivers, among several other ideas. What a great poster!

Megan's essay earned her a runner-up award. We had an amazing number of essays this year and we had a very hard time narrowing it down to one winner. Megan's essay was well written and had many helpful ideas including not using toxic weed killer and not littering as well as reusing sports bottles and watering your plants with leftover water. 

We want to congratulate Naomi and Megan for a job well done!!!

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