Friday, March 2, 2018

Envirothon Winners - Sycamore High School

Original Post from 5-9-2013

Members of Sycamore High School's Area IV Envirothon team, from left: Jessica Hill, John Grossheim, Jimmy Ekstedt, Ron Hochstrasser (teacher/coach), Hanna Suggs and Emily Winchell

We couldn't be more proud of these 5 Sycamore High School students and their teacher (Ron Hochstrasser) for placing fourth at the Area IV Envirothon held this year at Marie Stein Retreat Center in Marie Stein, Ohio (Mercer County). There was a four way tie for fourth place with the other team from Sycamore HS :) and teams from Greenville HS (Darke County) and Beavercreek HS (Greene County). The tie breaker was the score from the Current Environmental Issue test randomly drawn earlier in the day. The fourth place decision was critical, because only the top 4 teams at the 5 Area Envirothons go to the State competition. This is the first time in almost 20 years that a team from Hamilton County has qualified for the State Envirothon!

Many members of this team will move on to compete in the State Envirothon June 10 and 11 at Deer Creek State Park. Some other members will be on a school sponsored trip to Costa Rica. I'm having a hard time deciding what trip I want to chaperone!! 

The Envirothon is an environmental competition testing students knowledge of Forestry, Wildlife,  Aquatics, Soils and a Current Environmental Issue. This year the topic was Rangeland Management! I know, not real 'current' in Hamilton County. Over 70 teams from the 18 county area in SW Ohio competed for those four places at the State Envirothon. 

CONGRATULATIONS and I'll keep you posted on their State performance. 

Go Sycamore High School!!! 
~ Gwen Z Roth, Education Specialist

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